A casino is a place where champagne glasses clink and tourists and locals mingle in a buzz of excitement that’s hard to find anywhere else. Whether they’re laughing at each other or cheering on someone’s big win, people come to casinos for the same reason — to try their hand at luck and enjoy an experience that’s unique from any other.

The atmosphere is intoxicating and, if you’re lucky enough, the winnings can be too! But beyond the flashing lights, clinking coins, and cheering crowds, there’s a lot more to a casino than gambling facilities. Many of them include dining, drinking, and entertainment venues where top-notch acts perform for guests. Some of them even have spas! So, while you might walk into a casino expecting to gamble all night, you could easily spend an entire day (or week!) there enjoying the other amenities too.

There’s also a certain amount of glamour associated with the word casino, which is why it’s used in names of luxury hotels and restaurants. The etymology of the word is actually quite simple: it’s Italian for “little house.” Over time, however, the meaning expanded to encompass various types of pleasure palaces, including those that offered gambling.

Casino is one of the most iconic casino movies out there, and it’s no surprise considering the stellar performances by Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone. It was a movie that pushed the boundaries of Mafia films at the time and is still regarded as one of Scorsese’s best works to date.