Using a standard 52-card deck, poker is a game of chance and skill. Players bet into a central pot of chips and attempt to get the best five-card hand possible.

The best hand is the straight flush, which is all cards of the same suit. The lowest hand is the 6-4-3-2-A.

Ties are broken by the best card. If two or more players have identical hands, the ties are broken by the high card.

The best hand is also the most expensive. A poker table requires an ante, which is a dollar amount that each player must put into the pot before he can begin betting.

The pot is won by the highest ranking five-card hand. Some variant games use multiple packs of cards.

The most efficient way to play is with a group of six to eight players. This allows for better tracking of chips and easier change.

The first three cards, known as the flop, are dealt face up. The dealer shuffles the cards after each round. After the flop, the turn passes from player to player. The bettor can choose to call or fold. The winner is the one who made the best bet.

There are several other poker games, which have different rules and variants. Some are played with Wild Cards, which can be of any suit. The best hands are the straight flush and the Royal Flush. Some are deuces wild, which can be either high or low.